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Company (March - 2015)

UNISCRAP PBC, Environmental Public Benefit Corporation

The Turn-key Environmental solution is characterized by High Innovation with American Technologies, and creates Social and Environmental Impact, giving emphasis on kids.

Our Solutions: Technology Providers on

Our Servuces
Resource Management

Food Waste Resources and Recyclables (Plastics, Glass, Metals) are our competences for successful treating

Renewable Energy

Hybrid Energy (Solar and Wind Energy), Clean Lignite Coal Energy using Anaerobic Digestion methods


Organic farming is crucial important for the Earth Planet. High Nutrient 

Compost is MUST. Our technologies are suitable for Household Food scraps.

Water Treatment

We give emphasis on Small Scale water Treatment for needs of houses, small villages and islands worldwide

Research & Development

We specialise on: Plasma Incineration, Dehydration, High Efficiency Solar Cells, Carbon Capture

Federal Service

We serve: NASA, National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, Department of Education, Environmental Protection Agency


It is truly an honor and pleasure to work and partner with UNISCRAP PBC on wastewater and composting projects. They share many of the same values as we do, such as:  honesty, integrity, and fairness.  Their unwavering commitment to their clients and their clients’ needs is without exception.  UNISCRAP’s perseverance in finding environmentally friendly yet cost effective solutions, using only equipment of the highest quality is their formula for success.

Gary S. MacConnel
President of Green Global Technologies Inc.

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