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Why Choose UNISCRAP?

We make the Dream, Vision and Ideas REALITY and BENEFIT

01. Innovative Business Model 

The Business Model of UNISCRAP is totally Innovative and Complex. Our Volunteer Ecosystem can be shown in the below graph. The philosophy of our Corporate Model is the sustainable collaboration of Research Centers, Non-Profits/Stakeholders/International Organizations and the technology Providers with Industry.

We believe that the best Environmental Technologies can be developed from Research Centers for the needs of the Community by the Technology Providers and Creators. The implementation of them are taking place with Non-Profits, Community and International Organizations. Our goal is to involve the direct Society (citizens) as they gain real benefits in Multiple levels.

Last but not least, as the Industry is a core sector of the Economy, our solution creates Multiple benefits in terms of Environmental Efficiency, Energy, and Resource Management. One of the goals we achieve is the tremendous Reduction of Resource Management Operation costs by 95%.

02. Turnkey Resource Management Solutions

We create full customized Environmental solution that combine the Resource Management, the Composting for farming Gardens, the Protection and recycling of Water as well as the use of Renewable energy with friendly ways for the Environment. 

We have studied that the Small Scale solutions creates the Real Benefit for the needs of its small Community and they makes them really Self-Sufficient for their own needs.

03. Funding Organizations

Our Environmental Solutions are supported from EXIM Bank of United States. Especially we design Foreign Receivables Insurance Solutions for Foreign partners, when they MOVE FORWARD and sign Deals with our Organization. Always we consider the Country Limitation Schedule, that has been decided from EXIM. Generally we consider transactions from Small (100,000.00 $) to Middle (1,000,000.00 $) till Large transactions (10,000,000.00 $)

04. Real Impact to the Community

The Impact that is created by our Organization Worldwide is based with the Creation of Real Benefit to the Community based on our 3W Model (WIN-WIN-WIN) with the following ways:

  • Social Impact: We develop Education Programs Worldwide with beneficiaries: Kids, Students and Young Entrepreneurs. Especially on kids we give emphasis on Orphaans. Through our Metropolitan Environmental Parks we create the Opportunity for the all the Kids, to join in a great Environment and develop the Environmental Consciousness and to learn to live with in the Nature respecting all the Earth.

  • Environmental Impact: In any designed solution we Guarantee the metrics as a result the local environment to affected in all the factors: Health of People, Quality of Air (GHG Emissions), Quality of Soil, Recovered water for Irrigation purposes and farming as well we Recycling.

  • Financial Impact: We create a Self-Finance Community where all the citizens have real access to financial benefits from Active Recycling of Resources. 

  • Industrial Impact: We create opportunity for Overseas production of our solutions, considering ALWAYS the United States participation/content create sustainable jobs overseas, and transferring Know-How, training employees on the most advances technologies Worldwide. We secure the Mutual Benefits and we accelerate the Benefits of the Citizens.

05. Real Benefits to Our Partners -Evaluation

Our Reliable Business Partners / Volunteers takes multiple benefits from our Collaboration especially on the International Brand Awareness and on the Support of Global Expansion through the Global Incubator/Accelerator that is created by UNISCRAP at the moment. 

We have a Global Policy where we have evaluation process for our Business Partners in terms of: a) Public Benefit actions in their countries, b) Fairness on the Transactions and projects with our Organization. c) Benefit Generation and proposals/concrete ideas for their country.

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