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We Make the Impossible, Possible with Emphasis on Young Generations

Short Bio: Our Journey started on June 2014, where we decided to develop an Environmental Organization on Recycling. Couple of Months later the great people on Global Delaware Initiative after taking into consideration the fact that we are sensitive on Impact generation, starting from kids (Infant mortality), lead us to develop a Public Benefit Corporation. The whole Challenge was very big and as Founder of the company I was working 24/7 for developing the Business Model and the Public Benefit Model and Priorities. So, we moved on that following progressing steps.

  • March 2015: I joined on the SELECTUSA program after a honorable invitation and evaluation of our proposal/application. These days we visited Delaware and the State lead us on the Emerging Enterprise Centre (The state of the art Incubator for Small Business in the First State of United States). After our discussions there and the understanding of how EEC support the Companies who are related with Technologies, we decided to join there immediately for the International Soft Landing Program.

  • October 2015: First Landing of UNISCRAP in Delaware. Our Idea impressed EEC executives and the delegates of Open for Business Day (Federal, State, Financial and Environmental Agencies). After that period we joined with big efforts on the Incubator activities, attending Workshops, and Architectural design process for the Business Model.

  • Summer-Autumn 2016: 4 Months period on the Incubator with Physical presence. Business Advisors and Mentors from the Incubator, as well as plenty of meetings and Call Conferences was the reason for Working 15 hours per day for design the Model. With strong efforts we develop a Complex Ecosystem that combine: Research Centers, Technology Providers, Stakeholders/NPOs and the Industry. After we made the Model Concrete we passed on the Growth Wheel process for making financial and Commercial success the Model. During that period we selected the technologies of Food Waste Recycling Technologies, and Combined Heat and Power (CHP). During our growing efforts Environmental Protection Agency with the CHP-Partnership (CHP Association) affiliation supported us daily for developing the knowledge base for the CHP technologies. Also unbelievable trips arranged with great adventure and meeting of different people and partnership.

  • Autumn 2016: UNISCRAP arranged Business Development Deal with Turnkey Impact Finance Organization in Boston for 100% Retrofit Finance for CHP projects in United States, Canada and Mexico. Later on, we arranged Exclusive Pan-European Agreement with Technology Provider for Equipment of Food Waste Recycling Equipment.

  • Winter 2016-Spring 2017: We focus on the Business Development effort with Commercial developments. We focus in Europe and South Eastern Europe. On this venture, Emerging Enterprise Centre was next to us 24/7. During that period the American Incubator helped UNISCRAP a lot, as a result to create a full result, professional and credible Organization.

  • Summer 2017: UNISCRAP PBC signed a partnership deal for a Global and Full Impact Project Worldwide, The Venus ProjectMoreover, we developed the Financial Partnership on Global context with EXIM Bank for funding our projects Worldwide. During that period we establish partnership with Delaware Energy Institute for creating new Technologies on Environment & Renewable Energy

  • Autumn 2017: Department of Commerce of USA (Commercial Service) invited us at the Trade Winds Mission for expanding in Southeastern Europe. After this Mission Conference and B2B Meetings, we are expanding in SE Europe, with potentiality in Slovenia, Czech Republic and Romania.

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