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Composting is crucial important in Now days. The Chemical pollution on the Soil affect negatively the quality of the Water insight the Earth and the food biological nutrition is decreased drastically, as a result to have negative effect in Human Beings.

The Wold data (World Bank) shows that the 40% (approximately) of the waste are food/biodegradable scraps. This waste stream at the moment is disposed on the landfills, with significant GHG Emissions at the Air. 

As UNISCRAP PBC is following the Responsible Green & Circular Economy is developing technologies for Composting using Drum systems and Dehydrators for the Household and Community Composting.

Our Goal is the citizen to be back on the Soil and produce their own food making them Self-sufficient.

Very soon we will announce our Completed Solutions for Composting as a result to create the most valuable Organic Fertilizer that can be used efficiently from the farmers.

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